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  • Battletorn
  • Terminal Dawn + Burn Fast CD
  • Battletorn crank the brutality up higher with their apocalyptic thrash. Filtering some early 80s hardcore fury through thrash metal unruliness via Marshall stacks. They blast through 16 shattering songs that recall late 80s UK acts (think Heresy and the like) as it does some Negative FX/ early D.R.I. style hardcore mania. The 16 track Terminal Dawn sold out of its 500 copy gatefold pressing in a few scant months, and is pressed here on CD, along with a re-mastered version of their 6 song 2006 Burn Fast 7". To continue with their bash and crash over-before-you-know-it theme, 500 copies of the CD were manufactured to make up this pressing, to coincide with the Battletorn March 08 Japanese tour!

  • Battletorn
  • Terminal Dawn LP
  • Mad at the World's favorite thrash duo return with what appears to be the final chapter in the life of their beloved mascot Tungar, and with "Terminal Dawn," he goes down in flames! Battletorn crank the brutality up higher with their apocalyptic thrash; filtering some early 80's hardcore fury through thrash metal unruliness via Marshall stacks. They blast through 16 shattering songs that recall late 80's UK Earache Records acts as it does some Negative FX/ early D.R.I. style hardcore mania. All packaged in a gatefold LP, hand-numbered and limited to 500 copies. SOLD OUT!

  • Battletorn
  • Burn Fast 7"
  • Battletorn erupted onto the NYC music scene with a bash 'n crash hardcore sound and a take-no-prisoners attitude. Although they started as a guitar/ drums/ vocals 3 piece, and recently slimmed down to a two piece attack, they make the most of their minimalist line-up with a full on wall of noise sound. They've got a classic, ragged hardcore sound. Battletorn will bring their one-two punch of a live show anywhere-- hardcore shows, metal shows, rock shows, and even hipster-indie shows, leaving many an audience member with dropped jaws at the near riotous response they often get. This 7" follows up a recent LP on Troubleman Records.


Battletorn formed in February of 2004, as a trio of William (skins), Omid (axe), and Beverly (vox). They played our first show after only one practice. Lasting 5 minutes, some likened the experience to premature ejaculation. They recorded 2 singles and the "Evil Chains" LP with that line-up. After raging around Brooklyn and touring the states, the trio lineup was no longer as of November 2005.

A two piece Battletorn (William: drums , Omid: guitar/vox) thrashed on into the night. Before the dust even settled, they toured the UK in spring of 2006 with KAMIKAZEE, it was a ripping good time! Then Battletorn toured down south with TRIAC, which was also a blast. In the fall of 2006 the dudes went into a cave and wrote a new album, recorded it in December... and "Terminal Dawn" was released on Mad At The World Records in April 2007. The "Terminal Tour" of the US followed in April-May 2007, with the duo clocking 10,000 miles in a Ford Taurus in a circle around the country.

In June of 2007, BATTLETORN became a 'two city band', with one member in Brooklyn and the other in Nashville. A tour of Japan came together for March 2008 thanks to the great MGT from Japan (and MARUBULLMEN too)! They played 6 shows over there and released a split tour 45 entitled "No Mercy Attack!" with MGT that was limited to 200 copies and on Outlaw Recordings.

A new LP titled "Reflect The Filth" was recorded at the end of December 2008, set for release in early 2009. It will have one side of new studio material, and one side will be the live set from the last show played in Tokyo on the Japanese tour! It will be a three way joint release by: Mad At The World Records (NYC), Challenge The Throne Records (CA), and Grrman Records (UK). There were also three tracks recorded for a split single with DOUBLE NEGATIVE that will be out on Volcom Entertainment's singles club sometime in 2009.

On the train ride home from the studio after recording these new tunes the decision was made to have these be Battletorn's last releases. Battletorn are going to tour in 2009 to support the new LP, and from there on out we will do live appearances when we can, but there will be no more Battletorn releases. According to the band, they have been going for five years and are proud of the things they've done, so Omid and William figured it's as good a time as any to call it a day on the recording/releases front. There are three LPs, three singles, a couple splits, some misc comps and cassette releases. It's been a great ride, and it's not over just yet..............

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  • Remember from Burn Fast 7"

    Blindsided from Terminal Dawn LP

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  • Terminal Dawn
  • "With nothing to hide behind, be it longwinded, cryptic lyrics, "majestic" album art or dense and overdone production, Battletorn come quickly, come prejudicially, and itŐs all over before one's able to really process what has transpired.... This is just straight-up shredding, motherfucker. Highly recommended." Left Hand Path

    "Sixteen short sharp audio assaults and some beautifully raw D.I.Y violence, sixteen raw bleeding relentless tracks, all of them clocking in at around a minute each. They sound like they should have been playing classic hardcore thrash crossover crusty punk gigs in front of raging pits somewhere in 1983 sixth of the bill to CroMags and Larz Rocket." Organ Magazine

    "Brooklyn's guitar and drum scuzz-thrash attack returns with their first album as a duo. And they've still got cover art that looks like something you drew on your spiral notebook to piss off your 7th grade science teacher. So good. So short." CMJ staff blog

    "There's a certain sense of explosiveness to the speed, brevity, and aggression of the whole thing that kind of has an almost powerviolence-esque quality to it somehow (with regard to the recording as well), but I wouldn't necessarily go there either, you know? It's strange, but it's cool, because it throws you for a loop, and you have to respect that. Because they're almost making you expect this, like, generic thrash metal lowest common denominator or something, and then you pop the fucker in and they beat you in the face with a bunch of dirty, blazing hardcore. And it's fucking good, too!" Aversionline blog

    "...the best Thrash-Punk band in the world. 16 songs in 12 minutes that sound like Hellhammer, Dropdead and DRI raping each other. Essential." Vice Magazine

    "Falling into the came out awhile ago/just sent to me category, this one is a complete rager." Suburban Voice

    "Forget about fancy descriptions, this fucking rips. Battletorn are a dirty and violent beast of a band that feeds on the remains of old school thrash and hardcore. Imagine DRI and Hellhammer armed with spiked bats fighting to the death and youd have Battletorn. This is simple and brutal, two things that metal used to be but havent been for a very long time." Unbound zine

  • Burn Fast
  • "Battletorn is another post-punk anomaly that would rather completely fucking destroy that spend time deciding if it's more Metal or Punk." Canadian Assault

    "When I listened to this the first time I can't say I realized that they were only two people in the band, doing drums, guitar, and vocals, no bass. Even with this minimalist line-up they make a good amount of noise - thrashy punk rock noise." Attack Fanzine

    "Battletorn are a New York duo producing a no-hold barred full on hardcore meets metal sound. Burn Fast their debut vinyl single (sic), featuring six short cuts, never stops for a breath. Instead their manic assault charges around with all the subtlety of a bull in a china shop. Imagine Chaos UK getting drunk with Slayer!" Punk Oi UK